Cx72 Artist Feature: Roberta Klug

Roberta approached us with this sweet, dreamy work earlier this winter and we are delighted to present it here on the Journal. A note from Roberta:

Growing up in Northern Italy, I was raised with a profound admiration towards Nature.  In order to better understand our place in the world, my Mother taught us to tune in and feel our connection to our planet and to all its inhabitants. Some of my work reflects daydreams of a Utopian existence, where we stand for the preservation of our natural world, where we cherish our roots and champion the global citizen. In contrast, some of my pieces bear the weight of our current state of reality and the realization that we do not live in that perfect world. But this apparent dichotomy actually reflects two sides of the same coin. The contrast between what is and what could be aims to act as an invitation, a call to action even, to redirect our collective focus, to engage and participate in the world, to care. It is my anthem for progress and unity. 


21st Century Pierrot
'You want to be sad, honey, be sad.' - Marge Simpson
Trying To Figure Out If I Feel Naked Or Nude
Feeling Munch's Angst (The Scream 2017)
Joan Of Arc Contemplating Her Sexuality
We May Not Be That Different. What's The Difference
Exchanging Favorite Composting Tips
Portrait Of Aphrodite (Portrait sessions on Olympus)
On My Way To Hug A Tree
Portrait Of Mother Nature
Desperate Measures (Mother Nature Selling Her Body To Feed Her Children)
Lost In Selfie (The Myth Of Narcissus And Other Cautionary Tales We Choose To Ignore)

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  • Sofia

    Beautiful, Roberta.

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