Theatre of the Commute: Maria Beniaris x Emma Smith-Coppes

Theatre of the Commute is about Beniaris’ experience living between urban and suburban environments as a child in Chicago. Through fashion, she could look at the elements of her school uniform and the objects she used on her commute to retell the story that shaped her. In seeing artist Smith-Coppes’ contoured face illustrations, Beniaris connected with them instantly. Smith-Coppes was examining similar themes of dual identity within an environment. With some original garments initiated by Beniaris, the two then collaborated to create textiles, accessories, and more garments to create a four look collection. The ghostly looks they created were shown at Germiinate, a fashion show put on by Vomit House, a performance venue in Chicago. 


GERMiNATE at Vommit House Producers:
Joseph van Overbeek
Alicia Roeder
Shubham Parashar
Wood Adamson 
Photographer: Renata Cruz Lara 
Stylist: Alex Assil 
Hair & Make-Up:  Tera Jo
Models: Claire Arlen, Caroline Cash, Amanda Konkol, Angela Xu 

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  • Karime Gamboa

    Renata eres como las lunas de octubre , hermosa y brillante!! Te deseo mucho éxito nena

  • Jose Luis Rodríguez

    Excelent photography! Congratulations ‼️

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