Two Poems by Katie Rose O'Sullivan


All​ ​decadent​ ​moments​ ​have​ ​karmic​ ​implications

Pain’s approximate / activity of ego

Speak to the fear
The 21 year old
An Exorcism: In Formality

Autumn returns with an image
An adagio

I wouldn’t call my mistakes



What​ ​Makes​ ​Longing

She wants to leave
Her fleeting voice
In a breathless meter

Before being gripped
By the palest blue
Senseless exchanges
The still depths of kohl

You don’t know
The vacuity of a childhood
Prefab existence

Go ahead,
I’m listening

I can’t make up for it
Desperation noir

Somehow I can tell
That’s never what anyone wants,
Knows how to do

Some sensuality can take
A crimson mouth
I want to make use

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  • Centenarian

    These are beautiful.

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