One Poem by Isadora Reisner

White Linen

When I knew
she might be dying
I started a smelling 
her perfume in her bathroom
ritual. I was building

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One Poem by Allyson Erwin

Remembering magic markers
in hermetic
wood-paneled rooms, in
a playroom haloed
in bleached
shark jaws,
and how we
invented constellations
in primary, old-fashioned
connecting the dots
between dalmatian spots.

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Eva Nelson SS19 Collection

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One Poem by Laura Deutsch

Game of the Gambler

The hotel has infinite rooms,
each one is haunted.
A generation caught 
in between old mythologies and 
new ones - an eternal loss repeating
each time we are born back into Time.

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Two Poems by Jen Fisher


introverse tomorrow
katherine asked it 5 times
who it was
and        it never answered –

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